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Judge orders to keep strippers' names private

Occupational licensing of strippers isn't just unnecessary, it's dangerous

Bikini barista stand owner goes before judge

Strippers sue Washington State to prevent their identities from being released

Washington man files public records requests for names and address of exotic dancers

Strippers sue Pierce County to stop release of IDs

Dancers at Parkland strip club sue Pierce County to stop release of their business licenses

Oregon pair plead not guilty to Everett slayings

Wade to spend his life in prison

Washington's Lethal Injection Protocol Challenged

Attorney Challenges to Upcoming Executions

First state execution in near decade scheduled for Friday

Defense challenges reliability of bloodhounds' evidence

Caught in the net of a drug raid: Wives and girlfriends become pawns of feds trying to get at dealers

No: Protect your right to adult entertainment choices

BANISHMENT NUMBER 3: Renton Slams Sex Shops

Justices Consider How the Taint of a Corrupt Judge Should Be Measured and Remedied

Top Court Hears Illinois Inmate's Death Row Case

Former Hells Angel is handed a 15-year sentence

Spokane Hells Angels case now up to jurors

Tukwila Ordinance Struck Down -- Court Rules On Adult Entertainment

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