Significant Cases

Criminal Cases

State v. Willoughby

First Degree Murder – conviction and death sentence reversed.

United States v. Binder

Racketeering and Homicide – hung jury and subsequent guilty plea to lesser offense.

United States v. Carothers

Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Deliver – not guilty.

In Re Davis

First Degree Murder – death sentence reversed.

Bracy v. Gramley

First Degree Murder – death sentence reversed.

United States v. Wade

Car Jacking/Homicide – guilty plea to life sentence and death penalty dismissed.

State v. Pedersen

Aggravated First Degree Murder – guilty plea to life sentence and death penalty not sought.

State v. Garcia

Assault First Degree – not guilty.

State v. Wright

Second Degree Murder – not guilty.

State v. Magnesi

Assault Second Degree – not guilty by reason of self-defense.  Client awarded $70,000.00 in court costs and attorney fees.

United States v. McBetth

Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine – not guilty.

State v. Saggers

Illegal Firearm Possession – evidence suppressed and case dismissed.

First Amendment Cases

JJR Inc. v. Seattle

Seattle adult entertainment licensing ordinance declared unconstitutional.  

Battle v. Seattle

Seattle street use regulation declared unconstitutional.

World Wide Video v. Tukwila

Adult entertainment zoning ordinance declared unconstitutional.  

Roe v. Pierce County Auditor

Injunction issued against public disclosure of exotic dancer licensing information.

    Gilbert Levy

    Gilbert Levy has forty years of experience handling trials, appeals, post conviction matters, capital and First Amendment cases in Federal and State Courts. He has an AV (highest) rating from Martindale-Hubbell and a 10.0(superb) rating from AVVO. He has successfully argued a case in the United States Supreme Court, which resulted in the reversal of a death sentence.

    Jennifer Kaplan

    Jennifer Kaplan has seven years of experience handling federal and state criminal matters. She has successfully argued cases in the Washington Court of Appeals and the United States District Court. In addition to her criminal defense work, Jenn is experienced in handling grand jury matters, First Amendment cases, anti harassment orders and SLAPP suits.